Anne Frank | Inside Look At Rare Surviving Footage Of The Girl Herself Prior To WWII!

This is the only surviving footage of Anne Frank filmed outside of her home in 1941. She can be seen sticking her head out of a window in the apartments above in this clip. Anne Frank watches as her newly married neighbors walk down the steps.

This took place July 22nd, 1941, Anne Frank is at her house in Amsterdam and is fascinated by the couple celebrating their wedding day. This footage was taken before Anne’s family went into hiding. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, hid from the Nazis for two years before she was discovered. In 1945, she died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. If you would like more videos than please subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here. 

[Source The Anne Frank House Muesum:]


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9 thoughts on “Anne Frank | Inside Look At Rare Surviving Footage Of The Girl Herself Prior To WWII!

  1. How dizzying this footage is. It would be almost impossible NOT to find a clip of someone these days – making these 20 seconds – plus all the sad & lasting future for this young girl (known only by us in the present) – all the more poignant.

    Excellent and sobering.

    (‘prior’ to WW2 is misleading though?)

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