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My name is Samantha James and I am the author of The Historical Diaries blog. I love reading, writing, and history fiercely. It is a never ending journey and passion!

American Literature History | The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

The father of the detective story left everyone with the greatest mystery of all. What was behind his untimely demise? Edgar Allan Poe is known as being a literary master. His ability to intrigue, awe, and entertain readers leaves inspiration for new writers.

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Understanding The Battle Of Fort Sumter [April 12–13, 1861] – War Has Begun!

The United States faced internal hostilities that escalated into a four year civil war beginning in the spring of 1861. In this article I will attempt to explain the key facts that led to the Confederate’s first victory during the Battle of Fort Sumter on April 13th,1861.

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